Recycle Cloths, Reduce Poverty

There are people who have enough dresses to wear and there are people who have nothing good to wear. Most of the time people like us do not think other way around. We do not realize if we spread our hand towards those unprivileged people, we can make their life little easy. Inspite of garbaging our old dresses which are not in use, we can give it to those people who all are in need. As an organization, DYCS helps those poor people (who all are staying in roads, including small children, girls and boys, old people) by providing them dresses as their basic need and also to help them to protect themselves from the cold winter.

DYCS collects used dresses and gives them to those poor people who cannot afford. Apart from this we provide new dresses to street children before Puja to make them happy.


If you want to buy new dresses for street children you can directly contact with the volunteers of DYCS or you can donate the money for buying the new dresses in cash or through PAYTM in 9474700734 . You will receive your donation receipt in your email or in whatsapp. Your help can provide these people some basic need and also help them to feel protected in cold winter.