Where are you looking for God, when he is in front of you in every living being, in every different form?

Those who serve others serve God in the true sense"-Swami Vivekananda- With the belief of this ideology a group of people keenly started a non-profit charitable organization on 15th DEC, 2015 in Durgapur named as "DURGAPUR YOUTH CHARITABLE SOCIETY"..

We all talk about changing the world but in reality we have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge but less judgement, more experts but less solutions. "DYCS" truly believes that one can change the society and the environment, and it can be started by us, each of us, by stretching the helping hands towards them who all are in need, taking a moment to become more conscious, taking a moment to become more aware, taking a moment to really reflect on the consequence of the actual problem. Having a moral value to help is an ultimate goal for us. This can bring a big change in world. With this thought the volunteers of Durgapur Youth Charitable Society are working tremendously to make the world a better place to breathe in.

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