Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future”, we all know this phrase. But what if that small kid is an orphan, not having a place to stay, having a hungry stomach. Will that small kid build our future? Or that kid will get entangled in the world of crime? DYCS is giving us a beautiful opportunity to help those little kids in need to make their future bright and as well as ours. There are two ways to help the campaign called “Little Stars” - The small kids who are orphan, you can provide them a good life in a registered orphanage (arranged by us). You can help them through DYCS by providing monthly or yearly donation. The brilliant students who live in remote rural areas and do not have economical condition to chase their dreams, you can help them as well by bearing their educational and surroundings cost through DYCS on a monthly or yearly basis.


You can help them by bearing their educational and surroundings cost on monthly or yearly basis or you can also donate to us for those children in cash or through PAYTM in 9474700734 . You will receive your donation receipt in your email or in whatsapp.
You can directly meet the kid whom you want to help and can keep eye on his/her progress.