Education Brings Consciousness

In our everyday’s life when we travel for our work or from one place to another a much known pictures we see in roads. A number of street and slum children who are begging in roads, playing here and there or doing work in street shops for some money. They do not have proper place to stay, proper food to eat and education, that is out of question. We feel for them and that’s all we can do in that little span of our busy life.

Through this came DYCS aim for a Child-Labour free environment

  • DYCS’s campaign for these street and slum childrens are as follows.

  • Providing them primary education.

  • Primary knowledge on Computer.

  • Giving them autobiographies of great personalities and story books to enlighten them from inside. For entertainment we are proving them some items for drawings and playing stuffs.

  • Encouraging them in cultural activities, singing, dancing, drama to introduce them to a beautiful environment.

  • Children who are really interested in study we will help them to get admission in schools.

  • To give students a chance to earn for them and their families to create a secured future, we will help them in competitive (Driving, Tailoring etc) studies.


You can help them by bearing their educational and surroundings cost on monthly or yearly basis or you can also donate to us for those children in cash or through PAYTM in 9474700734 . You will receive your donation receipt in your email or in whatsapp.