Nature is our treasure, help to save it

Save Trees, Save life!" We believe in growing, running towards success. For this, we are bringing finest Technological Companies, building massive infrastructure, creating concrete jungle. For this we are cutting trees without keeping any count which is causing global warming. We are so drugged in race of success that we are forgetting a simple fact of our life. Decreasing number of trees can cause air pollution, amount of rain is decreasing every year, and the balance of environment is getting affected. Hence, global warming is emerging.

DYCS thinks for environment

DYCS arranges Tree Plantation campaign. To keep balance in our environment DYCS plants many saplings and trees around many places. To keep these trees growing we take care of them by putting wood barrier and fertilizer in soil. Apart from this to take care of decreasing number of birds we put plates of seeds in corridor of flats and houses to feed them. This is a campaign where a whole mankind will be facilitated irrespective of rich, middle class and poor people.


You can help them by bearing their educational and surroundings cost on monthly or yearly basis or you can also donate to us for those children in cash or through PAYTM in 9474700734 . You will receive your donation receipt in your email or in whatsapp.